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What's your Karma? Find out with this little angel game about Heaven and the eternal soul. You will have the joy of taking care of your very own angel.
If you treat her well the girl can become your personal guardian angel!
If you don't, it will make that spirit sad... very sad.
But fear not - in this angel game there is always the possibility to make her happy again.
Just feed her some dew drops or gift her flowers and you will see her positive reaction right away.
You can't go wrong: an angel is eternal.
We know that some use this game as a tool for channeling or see the angel as a reincarnation of their loved one.
We cannot claim any connections to lost spirits or souls gone to Heaven, but please try to soothe the little angel anyway.

This game will be up by 24 february 2013.

Here is what happened before the angel game begins: The little angel girl sat on her own grave. She was very sad that she couldn't go back to her old life. Was she dead? What about her soul? Is the spirit really eternal as she always guessed? So many questions but few answers... One thing was certain: She didn't want to stay sad - there are no sad angels, are there? Maybe if she could get some dew drops or flowers, it was possible not only to be happy but to go back to life again. Right now she was an angel; could she become a real guardian angel as the old stories told? Was it important that she had pure positive karma to get to heaven? Is there even the possibility to start channeling otherworldly beings in this plane? Or did she just have to wait some time to be able to reincarnate inside a new body? Would her spirit stay the same or would she be a new person altogether? Try out angel game now!

When we produced angel game, we quickly had the idea of making a new kind of browsergame. We wanted to include elements from the very successful tamagotchis back in the '90s - like taking care of a sweet little creature. In angel game the player has the possibility of making a sad angel happy again. He or she can do so by giving dew drops or flowers to the little angel girl. This should establish an emotional connection between the player and the angel. No one likes to see sad souls or spirits. You could say that angel game makes players happy. The angel girl herself is made in such a way that she looks a bit like characters in japanese mangas. She has big eyes and it's not possible to see her mouth. This is to avoid the uncanny valley effect. This means we put emphasis on not making the angel girl in angel game too humanlike, because that would look strange and could even fill the player with disgust. This, of course, is not wanted in our game. Also, the little angel girl sits on her own grave. Maybe she doesn't know yet that she's a dead spirit? Or she knows and that's why she's sad? Or does she think she has the possibility to reincarnate inside a new body? Or maybe she even has the power to act as a channeling medium? This would mean that she can talk to dead spirits and communicate from the world of the dead to the world of the living... Everything is possible in angel game! Apart from all this, another interesting point is that angel game is suited for a broad audience: Christians that belief in the immortality of soul and Heaven; buddhists that belief in reincarnation; even New Age Spiritualists that believe in paranormal things such as the channeling of otherworldly beings. Angel game is finally here and it's here to stay! For a long time, maybe many reincarnations, or even for eternity.